Friday, August 6, 2010


sometimes i do feel that destiny plays an important part in our try your level best for it but you cant get it.......Just take an example.....if in ur destiny its written ki u will never have love in your life u will never give your full love but then also you will not get any love and care.....if u think ki i get attached to a different person but if ur not destined u will never its a mistake if we say love is no give and take....u love but dont ask love in being a human being u also need love and care....its all about loving caring and sharing.....this is wat i felt......
I know that destiny is in our hands as said...karm karte jao....apni kismat hum apne hantho say likhte hain......its also true.....but sometimes in some places i do feel destiny plays an important role...


1 comment:

  1. It certainly does!
    But, one has to move on........
    Cheer up! You sound so devastated!!!!!